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Good reasons to come to AUTEX 2019 in Ghent

Ghent is considered one of the most beautiful historical cities in Europe. The city combines an impressive past with a vivid present. You will hardly ever see such a diversity of architectural styles and treasures, most of which are protected as national heritage by UNESCO. Strolling through Ghent often coincides with an adventurous journey through history. This beautiful historical city - deservedly the most pleasant one of Flanders - has dozens of unique buildings, representing 1,000 years of history.

City of Ghent

Did you know that...
  • Ghent was awarded seventh place on the Must-See list in Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel”.
  • National Geographic Traveller Magazine ranked Ghent as the third most authentic destination in a list of 109 nominees.
  • Ghent scored 64% on the Creative City Index, which reflects a city’s creative heartbeat. In fact the city obtained the second highest score of all the cities that had been analysed.
  • The Belgian cooperative movement was founded in Ghent.
Assets and highlights
Ghent is still a well-kept secret and is definitely worth a visit. Visitors who are already familiar with the city have become loyal ambassadors. Ghent has so much more to offer than the Castle of the Counts and the splendid views of Graslei and Korenlei. It offers a unique combination of authenticity, creativity and natural local flair. It was crowned UNESCO City of Music and Veggie Capital of Europe. What’s more, it’s a human-scale city in the heart of Flanders with added value thanks to its many waterways.

City of Ghent

What makes Ghent unique?
First of all its excellent location. And of course the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, the tryptych by the Van Eyck brothers that is displayed at St Bavo’s Cathedral. Moreover, Ghent is the only city with a lighting plan, which illuminates the streets and buildings at night, showcasing them from a different angle. Ghent is also the festival city of Flanders, hosting the largest outdoor city festival in Europe. And if you’re a fan of flowers, you’ll undoubtedly know that Ghent hosts a highly prestigious flower exhibition, the Floralies. Last but not least: which other city has a real castle in its city centre?

City of Ghent

Why Ghent, according to others?
For a while now, Ghent has been working on earning a reputation as a culinary hotspot, as veggie capital of Europe and as host city of the Flemish Foodies and other culinary talents with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, who feel right at home in the city. The result? Ghent is becoming the place to be for foodies, with an eye for new, no-nonsense talents!

City of Ghent

Ghent - Medieval Manhattan
The city of Ghent combines an impressive past and a vivid present. It can be no coincidence that Ghent, capital of East Flanders, is known by different names: historic heart of Flanders, a city of all times, medieval Manhattan.

Ghent was founded in the 7th century, on the confluence of the rivers Scheldt and Lys, and called ‘Ganda’. During the Middle Ages, Ghent was a leading town.

The Castle of the Counts, the Cathedral with the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb (Van Eyck), the Belfry and the Flemish Opera, are only a small selection of the numerous places of interest Ghent has to offer.

Ghent tourism office

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